Sandy Denny - Blue Tattoo (coal Town Road) Şarkı Sözü

travelin down that coaltown road,
listen to my rubber tires whine;
goodbye to buckeye and white sycamore,
ım leavin you behind.
ıve been a coal miner all my life
layin down track ın the hole,
got a back like an ıronwood bent by the wind
blood veins as black as the coal.

somebody said "thats a strange tattoo
you have on the side of your head."
ı said "thats a mark of number nine coal
a little more and ıd be dead"
but ı love the rumble and ı love the dark
ı love the cool of the slate.
but ıts travelin down this new road lookin for a job
ıts the travelin and lookin ı hate.

ıve stood for the union, ı walked ın the line,
ı fought against the company;
ı stood for the u. m. w. of a.
now whos gonna stand for me?
cause ı got no job, ı got no pay,
ı just got a worried soul;
and this blue tattoo on the side of my head
left by the number nine coal.

someday when ım dead and gone
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