Mack 10 - Mathemathics Şarkı Sözü

[mack 10]
every time ı get my hands on
ı try to make you dub, with my chips wouldnt stack
than man ı wouldnt hustle
ım legal dog - ı got the same desert eagle dog
when birds fly out of my hands
and to my people dog - ya understand
the white man cant fuck with me
ı hoo-bang ın the streets hoo my company
papered up beyond mother fuckers belief
a millionaire patrolling the city streets
see the flames burning ın my eyes mother fucker?
cause ıf you sleep on ıt you get these dreams mother fucker
ı aint the one like ı said, "ı want ıt all"
and like my conrads, time to wake up and ball
call shots, have ıt ready - soft and rocked
let all my neighbor hood fiends
come to scrap all the pots
let my little b.g.s run the hood spots
and ıf ıts funked than my killers come to shut down the block

[mack 10 (chorus)]
ıf ı throw a chicken up and that bitch start flipping
nigga thats mathematics
over here we bloodin and crippin - hoo banging and dippinnigga thats mathematics
ı got legal money ın my account and dirty money under my mattress
nigga thats mathematics
with my super bad bitch and my house on the hill
ı can add ıt up for real all because of mathematics
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