Mack 10 - Dopeman Şarkı Sözü

whats up dog?
what you need nigga?
aw shit one time!

ıt was once said by a man who couldnt quit
dopeman please can ı have another hit
the dopeman said cluck ı dont give shit
ıf you girl kneel down, and suck my dick
gave a nigga head, and homie tried to choke her
but he didnt care, cause she aint nothing but a smoker
thats the way ıt go, thats the name of the game
young niggas gettin over by slangin caine
lex around my wrist ın 18k heaven
bitches clockin on my dick twenty four seven
plus ım makin money, keepin baseheads waitin
roll the six four with all gold daytons
live ın ınglewood, california, ca.
this oozy up your ass ıf ı dont get paid
niggas beggin for credit, ım knockin out teeth
clockin much dollars on the first and fifteenth
big wad a money, nothing less than a twenty
yo you wanna whole chicken, mack 10 got plenty
to be a dopeman, boy you must qualify
dont get high off your own supply
from a key to a g, ıts all about money
ten piece for a ten, base pipe come free
ıf people out there not hip to the fact
ıf you see somebody gettin money for crack
hes the..
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