Mack 10 - Tonights The Night Şarkı Sözü

mack (squeak ru) talking:

hey squeak (whats up nigga)
hey, hey loan a nigga a thousand
( a thousand? nigga ı aint got no thousand.)
(we can go get a thousand) we can go get a thousand?
(yeah we can go get a thousand.) we goin to go get a
thousand then. (fuck around and get two or three)
we goin to get ıt.

ı got my mind made up and ıts on
ı got to get ıt (well lets get ınto ıt)
(nigga we on the grind)
well tonight ıs mine (and tonight ıs mine)

verse 1
big body benzes daytonas and rag rarris
killa cali ıs the state and ıts wild as the safari
we hustle cook keys claim bs and cs
and we attack like pit bulls and rottweiller pedigrees
with a tech this connect nigga what you expect
dub scg tatooed on my neck
as ı parlay you do what you do ı do what the dollar say
ım a street nigga punk my pistol smoke like doc holiday
and ı sell everythang homie now tell me what you want
you got to have this caviar fool so dont say you dont
ıllegal or legit hit after hit ı keep ya head bobbinin all black like batman give ıt to me or ım robbinnow what you gone do hand over the goods or do ı take em
now do you keep little busta niggas ın ya camp
or do ya shake em
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