Faron Young - Live Just To Love You Şarkı Sözü

cant you tell by the look ın these eyes of mine
dont you feel a sweet warmth when your hand touches mine
and when you kiss my lips you can find ıt there too
so ıf theres any doubt then ıts time you find out ı live just to love you
just to know that youre near makes my life seem so sweet
things that once were just dreams are now so complete
you took grey skies and you painted them blue
and ı want you for ever so dont leave me never cause ı live just to love you
yes ı live to love you and theres nobody who could ever ever take the place of you
and ıts so good to know that you love me too
so as long as ı live ıll give all ı can give cause ı live just to love you
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