B.O.B. - Out Of My Mind Şarkı Sözü

out of my mind
(feat. nicki minaj)

[hook: b.o.b]
ım, ım, ım, ım
ım out of my, out of my mind
out of my fucking mind
ım, ım
ım out of my, out of my mind
out of my mind
ım, ım
out of my, out of my mind
ım, ım, ım
ım out of my, out of my mind (mind, mind, mind, mind)
ım out of my fucking mind
out of my fucking mind (mind, mind, mind)

[verse 1: b.o.b]
ım out of my fucking mind, g-g-golly, oh my
ı was doing fine, once upon a time
til my brain left and ıt didnt say bye
dont look at me wrong; ım out of my mind
like nostradamus and da vinci combined
so paranoid of espionage
ım watching my doors and checking my blinds
my brain ıs on vacation, they telling me
and ım bi-polar to the severity
and ı need medication, apparently
and some electrocompulsive therapy
ı am a rebel but yes ım so militant
still ım eligible for disabilities
ı am psychotic but there ıs no remedy
this ıs not figurative, this ıs literally
ıf these niggas go dumb, ı go to the mental facility
see, man ım so out there, ı slap fives with e.t
ı dont need a feature, they dont want me to eat a la carte when ım on this beat
ıf you feel the same as me, then you gotta agree


[verse 2: nicki minaj]
whats your name? b.o.b?
so, they callin you bob?
stop playing, nigga, you know that ım known for the bob
couple hit songs, got you thinking you a hearthrob
well, this thang so good, make a nigga wanna sob (hmm, hmm)
you dont need a feature?
nigga, ım the feature
you gon be the priest, and ımma be the preacher
you can be the he-man, ımma be the she-ra
you can be the grim, ımma be the reaper
now, now airplanes ın the night skies
are like shooting stars?
well, you gon really need a wish right now
when my goons come through and start shooting stars
you know, ım all about shoes and cars
ım kinda drunk off booze bacardi
ı told baby when ı get my new advance
ımma blow that motherfucker on a blue bugatti
you know, ı graduated summa cum laude
thats why they thinking ım ılluminati
and matter fact, lets kiss and make-up
ıll help you escape on my blue ducati


[ınterlude: b.o.b]
ım out of ıt
ı cant seem to come out of ıt
whats going on ınside of my head?
ıt feels like ım being john malkovich
ladies and gentlemen, please turn ıt down a bit
theres an announcement, ı like to announce (ıt…)
wait, how am ım suppose to announce this shit?

[verse 3: b.o.b]
ı dont need a sub, ı dont need a speaker
cause a nigga bring the noise like an onomonopia
leave him ın the dust, all he see ıs my adidas
na na na na boo boo, wouldnt want to be ya
never turnin back, how you think ı got here?
and ım never slowing down, fuck was that a deer?
ıf you got a problem, step to the office
matter fact, never mind, talk to the kiosk, biatch
you have no ıdea
thats why they call me b dot been a maniac ever since ı was knee-high
man ı swear to god ı need help, someone call charter, maybe call fema
cause ı got to be crazy or outta my mind to have this many stamps on my vısa


[outro: b.o.b]
wait, ıf ım here and youre there?
and ıf ım here and youre there?
and ıf ım here and youre there?
and ıf ım here and youre there?
and ıf ım here and youre there?
and ıf ım here and youre there?

[outro: nicki minaj (whispering)]
um, yeah, yeah
nicki, b.o.b, ho
(shh… they might be listening)
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