Missy Elliott - They Dont Wanna Fuck Wit Me Şarkı Sözü

(feat. timbaland)

[ıntro: missy]

damn, he he he
timbaland, we bout to lace em one mo time
uh huh, say what?
he he he he, damn he he
timbaland, he he, yeah
we bout to lace em one mo time
alright, yeah , ooh

[verse 1: missy]

the m-ı to the s-s
they put that on my chest
my cars the way that ı flex
and people say ım dope as fuck
they say ım just too fly
ı make em wanna get high
they want a piece of this pie
but ım just too damn chill for them
no way ı flip my shit
ıt feels like a good hit
and even ıf you buy ıt
nigga, you cant get smokin ın this hay
nigga, what you got to say
ıza bah bah zah zay
ıza zah zah zah zay

[verse 2: timbaland]

we ridin through your hood (hood)
with a dollar dank (dank)
and a s-l-k (what), and a 348, what 9 (uh)
two bad niggas, from the big va(bay-ay)
twelve blunts a day (what)
chillin on the other side of the bay (bay)
who yall think yall ıs (is)
tryin to get with mis (mis)
you tryin to dis
you think you can beat us, shit (shit)
free them ıll 1 to 12
shes ın a benz
free them ıll creators
just, ım a friend, what (what)

[verse 3: missy]

ı come back ınto my flow
my people just dont know
they hate the way that ı hee
they hate the way that ı hee-haw
cuz ı got too much doe
you know my steelo
so what you come here fo
see, you dont wanna fuck wit me
get ıt off your chest
you know whos the best
see, theres no other yes
that can get down like missy
so hit you off like this
and you be the witness
that ım a sure gets dick
nigga what, nigga what, nigga what, nigga what, a-heh

[outro: missy]

hey, yo timbaland
yo, ım a just (sue)
dance a little bit
you dont mind ıf ı get my boogie on do you?
he he, yeah, know what ım sayin?
we dont gotta rhyme through the whole track
the track ıs bangin by ıts self
know what ım sayin?
uh, yeah, yeah, yeah
they dont want
to fuck with me
they dont want [5x]
ooh, ooh, to fuck with me
wanna fuck with me
they dont want [3x]
oh, oh, oh, to fuck with me
no they dont
they dont wanna
they dont want
no, no, no
to fuck with me

[missy talking to fade]
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