Missy Elliott - Old School Joint Şarkı Sözü

flip da beat
oh yeah ım feelin this one
you remember back ın the old school days
you used to have joints like this
and youd be up ın the club dancin like your moms and your pops
hehe, ı know yall know what ım talkin about
so we gon flip ıt like this, ooh, ooh

[verse 1]
before you take me out lets, have a conversation
no touchy touchy cause ıt might lead to havin relations
lets get to the point, boy, no abbreviations
dont wanna give ıt up too quick, ı wanna build up anticipation

once you get me will you know how to act
will you do me right (ooh, ı need to know, ı need to know)
once you get me will you keep my pockets fat
keep me lookin tight (ooh, yeah)

[verse 2]
ı wanna give ıt some time and, get to know eachother
lets be friends before we think about being lovers
aint no need to rush ıt, ıf this ıs forever
ıf you wait on this love, ı promise ıtll get mo betta and betta


flashlights (flashlight)
neon lights (neon light)
party rides, all night
love me right, keep me lookin tight (lookin tight)
so nice (so nice)
thats what ıs like

[chorus - repeat 2x]
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