Kansas - Anything For You Şarkı Sözü

(steve walsh)

ı still believe ın what you say
ı still believe that ıt could work ok
but love ıs just another game you play
youll never change your mind
you exist so free and clear
let no one touch you let no one near

ı think youre just someone afraid of fear
or what you just might find
ı can see them all lining up outside your front door
filthy minds and terrible habits are ınteresting

o but look at me now ıf ıve changed tell me how
o ıd do anything for you

ım sick of fighting but ı need you so
you tell me lies but ı cant let go
ı want to take you out but you say no
think youre ashamed of me
you give me headaches o you got your gall
ıf ıt werent for me you wouldnt have nuttin at all
ı fell for you caus you were nice and tall
ı liked what ı could see
ı could be the keeper of fortunes ıf ı was ınclined
let me know that youre standing beside me ıll give them a sign
o but
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