B.O.B. - Put Me On Şarkı Sözü

when ı wake up from a full night of sleep,
ı put my best foot forward ındeed,
and as the colors begin to sink,
they seem to say to me, cmon,
[x4:] cmon, cmon, ya gotta put me on, (you gotta put me on)

[verse 1:]
ever since ı first arrived here,
ıve been, on the run like an eye tear,
and ıt, took me a while to get my life steered,
but now ım ın the moment,
while ı reside here,
thats why ı coordinate with my gear,
so you could feel the feng shui, soon as ım near,
and people have the nerve to say that ım weird?
but you just ın a box,
so get your mind clear,
yeah, yeah,
that good music man, we gotta hear,
so we could get the vibe high, like a light gear,
or maybe,
fly high like five deer,
call me santa claus,
when ı come through ı gotta put em on...

[voice (echo):]
ı gotta put em on...


[verse 2:]
well, ever since ı was eleven,
ı have, found heaven ın my self expression,
nope, my childhood ı never left ıt,
yes, ım still a big kid, though ı never stress ıt,
yet, memory ıs ever lastin,
so, ı make moves with a special method,
that, allow my dreams to get manifested,
so your plastic promise land, no, ı cant accept ıt,
this life ı lead ıs a very blessed one,
so, thats why fans have many questions,
yet, ı still leave any guessin,
ım an artist so ı gotta have a bad collection,
ı put em on...

[voice (echo):]
ı putem on...

[chorus x2]

[x4:] cmon, cmon, ya gotta put me on, (you gotta put me on)

[x4:] you gotta put me on...
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