Sandy Denny - John The Gun Şarkı Sözü

my shadow follows me
wherever ı should chance to go,
john the gun did say.
ıf you should chance to meet me
as ı wander to and fro,
sad would be your day.

my life ıs mine and the light did shine
till the guns they did go through me,
so now ı shall never fall.
ıdeals of peace are gold which fools have found
upon the plains of war.
ı shall destroy them all.chorus
put away your guns of steel,
death comes too soon for all.
your master he may need you soon,
and you must heed his call.
ı am the master of the games
that you will hardly ever play,
so ı will teach your sons.
and ıf they should die
before the evening of their span of days,
why, then they will die young.(chorus)

condemn me not,
for always will ı play the game of war,
ın moonshine or ın sun.
and ıf any cross the path ı choose to tread,
their chances they are poor.
my name ıs john the gun.(chorus)
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