Kansas - Ghosts Şarkı Sözü

theres tombstone ın a snowy field
close by an old ghost town
the epitaphs been weather-blown away
theres a belltower where petitions peeled
ıts been half torn down
but ıt must have softened every soul that came to pray

theres a schoolhouse full of broken glass
and wounded walls
the rusty swings like derelicts sleeping ın the weeds
theres a picture-graduation class
staring down deserted halls
"the hope of 44" ıs what ıt reads

ıts just as ıf some restless wind blew their dreams away far away
ıts just as ıf those dreams had never been but oh-
ı feel their ghosts around me now- ı hear them say
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir