Faron Young - Evening Şarkı Sözü

lying here beside you ın the shadows with your body close to mine
ı cant help but wish that ı could have you here beside me all the time
knowing that ı cannot keep you from your going when the day ıs done
makes me wish that ı was tall enough to reach the sky and stop the sun
now ı can see the evening shadows slipping silent cross the floor
and ı curse the day for comin to an end
youll fix your face comb your hair and leave my arms once more
but when tomorrow comes well watch the evening shadows fall again
[ guitar ]
when were here together ı dont question why you came or why you go
ım sure you have your reasons but your being here ıs all ı have to know
knowing when you come to me theres nothing ı can do to make you stay
just like all the other times youll leave me at the ending of the day
now ı can see the evening shadows...
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