Mack 10 - Ghetto Horror Show Şarkı Sözü

im screamin as im dreamin, i see evil bad spirits
so i wake up in the middle of the night to write lyrics
in a cold sweat, heard magnums in my dreams, my ears ring
so this time on the mic i bring horror like stephen king
all my good times are turned bad like the evans
seen hundreds get wounded but like a thousand 187s
everybody that was so real, they were now phony
and the nigga that used to be my homie, shit he turned on me
i got a 45 that spit hot lead thatll drill him
the nigga know too much about me, so its a must that i kill him
if its time available at the shrink, man i need to spend it
cuz now i see the chair rockin, but aint nobody in it
im psycho like norman bates in the fresh side of my mind and
all i think about is comittin redrums like the shining
so lord please help me and forgive me for my sins
and tell me, why do i deserve the twilight zone that im in?
somebody ease the pain i need a shot of novacaine
or angel dust smoke circulatin through my brain
so who got the slaughter water, la la the brain killer
i got five on it, four stick, to the first dealer
with no screws left its like my head is now hollow
im so crazy seems like my own shadows scared to follow
aint that a bitch, 1-o caught up in the horror show
but aint no popcorn or bon bons, its all teflons nigga

[hook:] x 2
i keep a 44 everywhere i go
its 1-o in the ghetto horror show
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