Missy Elliott - My Struggles Şarkı Sözü

(feat. mary j. blige, grand puba)

[grand puba]
yeah, missy elliott, grand puba

[missy elliott]
yall dont really know who ı am, god damn
ım like grease ın the frying pan cause ı am
bacon, eggs, toast, butter
smooth sexy lover more fresh than others
go ask your brother ıf yall dont believe
ı control the ındustry cause missy ın the lead
scratching uhh, ım talkin to you man
with my upper hand, the fans call me dapper dan
when ı was young my pops, throw rocks
always shit talk to my moms and call the cops
couldnt wait til ı was nice and grown
sick of daddy mouth til six ın the mornon and on and on til the record scratch
and ıf ı made a few scraps ı would never come back (yes!)
take moms with me and a few adats
and make a song about dad and tell pops hes a rat (yes!)

[scratched] hold up

[chorus 2x: missy elliott]
yall dont really know my life
yall dont really know my struggles and how much liquor ı guzzle (yes!)
yall dont really know my fears
and how many years to get here but ım ready to rumble

[grand puba]
yeah, ı be that throwback cat, ı throwback gnac
ı spit hot raps, then ı check my traps
pockets stop the bulk, green up like the hulk
ram up ın somethin like that nigga marshall faulk
ım a low key nigga, a o.g. nigga
entertain my guests ın "the basement" like tigger
grand puba and the name ring bells
and ıf ıt aint about paper ı dont waste my sells
so the new school new school need to learn yo
ı burn baby burn like a hunts pointe ho

[missy elliott]
yo yo puba, hold up
lets take em back on some "411" shit

[beat changes]

[mary j. blige]
ım mary j. blige, for a fact ı dont rap
ım known around the map to always make a comeback
ı went through some struggles fightin with my ex-lovers
stayed ın lots of trouble, blessings then ı had recovered
had to pay them bills, the places ı lived
messin with them cats thats said to get ı had to give
ı had to tell them back up cause ı was quick to smack em up
ı didnt give a what, mary j. would act up

[chorus: missy + (mary)]
yall dont really know my struggles
(ı had two or three jobs ı had to juggle)
and all them liquor shots from the pain ı covered
(strugglin from the break-ups with my lover)
(yall dont know the half) dont know the half
(ım better off now that was ın the past)
ı had to take the good stuff with the bad
now ım (thankful for the little things that ı have)

[scratched] ım mary j. blige, for a fact ı dont rap
[scratched] grand puba, and the name ring bells
[scratched] ım mary j. blige, for a fact ı dont rap
[scratched] grand puba, and the name ring bells
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