Flatt And Scruggs - My Cabin In Caroline Şarkı Sözü

theres a cabin ın the pines ın the hills of caroline
and a blue eyed girl ıs waiting there for me
ım going back some day from her ıll never stray
for she means all the world to me

oh the cabin ın the shadow of the pines
and the blue eyed girl way down ın caroline
some day shell be my wife well live a happy life
ın the cabin ın the hills of caroline

ım packing my grip for that long long trip
back to the hills of caroline
want to see that blue eyed girl shes the sweetest ın the world
and the cabin ın the hills of caroline

and when ıts late at night and the moon ıs shining bright
and the whippoorwill ıs calling from the hills
then ıll tell her of my love beneath the stars above
that ı love her and ı know ı always will.
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