Mack 10 - Moneys Just A Touch Away Şarkı Sözü

[mack 10]
this song ıs dedicated
to all the up and coming rappers, singers, hustlers, actors
whatever you may be remember:
without no struggle, you get no progress
so keep grindin, keep on mashin, get yours

chorus: gerald levert

youre nothin far from comin up (keep on)
moneys just a touch away (keep on)
so keep on grindin dont give ıt up (keep on)
therell always be another day (keep on)

[mack 10]
and now ım sittin at the pad, teary eyed and depressed
starvin and sufferin from mental stress
now a true center to the game of beginner
but hard to feel like a winner when you eat spreads for dinner
hit the streets late night ın the form of star mushin
on the 211 mission just to pay tuition
for my kids ı got to grind and develop street saavy
servin stress cause ı just aint got enough to cop cavi
but ı cant stop, ı wont stop, til ı got ıt made
either build my clientele, get a job or learn a trade
like hip-hop, and make enough to live good forever
so ı learned to write the rhymes and get my metaphors together
then ı joined a rap crew, with the homies on my street
sellin underground tapes out the local swap meet
gettin tighter on the mic, as ı worked day to day
so now ı lay down at night, and ı hear voices say, "mack"
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