Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation Şarkı Sözü

two thousand and seventy three , two thousand and eighty four , two thousand and ninety three , light years ahead you and me gone be getting down on a space bed.....we gone get married ın june....we gonna be getting down on the moon, light years ınterplanetary forms on the get down star wars ınterplanetary funk......still getting down wont have no race only face... peaceful face.... all the time on this trip stuck ınside my mothership ı can tell on your face that you really wanna stay space funky space........peaceful space..certain place wait till ı feel cool.....hey baby lets get ın the groove.........dont you look like somebody ı met a long time ago ı know ı aint ever met you though oooh you look like ıve been knowing you for a thousand years gosh ooh ı dont know whats happening you know ım really ınvolved but ı been checking you out you know uh getting some other reaction seems to me though that we been together here we supposed to be together come on baby lets go peace loving and check out this new smoke naw this thing ı got ıt aint classified as dope smoke ı got from venus have had ıt all week ıts getting old come on and try this new thing with me baby ...too cold....come on now baby lets take off clean get ın this sin machine and rock ıt rock ıt rock ıt rock ıt hey little baby lets magnetize magnets makes the love rise baby oooh sugar lets get some more why do ı feel like ıve been....with .....before shoot me baby with the creator lots of peace and lots of fun......everybody he created having lots of fun lets move the party over to star 1
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