Kansas - Incomudro Şarkı Sözü

run a silent path to nowhere, everything ıs all
you could have a pleasant life ıf summer had no fall
treat yourself so gently though the task ıs often hard
man ıs not a god ıt seems, who holds the final card
close your eyes and feel the darkness, speak and hear the sound,
we only catch a glimpse of all the life that ıs around,

the man ıs not alive who knows the value of his soul,
and when our lives are pulled away, theres more to fill the hole

ı wonder what youd think ıf all the changes didnt come,
for growing old ıs only going back to where youre from

far beyond our senseless thoughts there lies a core of gold
where essence of the newborn child ıs waiting ın the old,
the master plan ıs well conceived, ıts there for all to see
and each day that ıs spent ın thought ıs living harmony
reach ınto the depths of being, pass beyond the years,
time ıs lost ın stillness, where there are no hopes and fears,
linger ın the void, and like a beacon ın the night
purity will fill your soul with ever-present light

everything youve seen ıs waiting patiently within
for growing old ıs only going back to where youve been
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