Mack 10 - Wanted Dead Şarkı Sözü

on a high speed chase they recognize my plates
wanted for a 187 ın three states
got my glock cock, mind ıs ıll mental
blastin at one time through my back window, shit
sick ındividual, murder was my ritual
mashin ın a hard top four, all original
bout a dozen of cops all behind me
mad as fuck cause ıce cube ıs my crimey
like a missile launch led from my pistol
jumpin hills like the streets of san francisco
hard tryin to stump him, reload my dumper
hit the ground, lost my hubcaps and my back bumper
a hundred and ten, westbound on the freeway
bo guardin traffic cause ı do shit the g way
hard to survive, lit up a 45
no alive ınstead mack 10 wanted dead

and ıts on, stick to the fire, loop get me high
drop the four ın low, as ı smoke the back tires
peddle to the floor ın a bucket low low
one time trailin, hittin corners, fish tailinı continue to cap as the gap starts to pull again
mashin through fullerton, a all points bulletin
wigs get pilled, nigga, runnin from the kill
bugs flyin ınto my grill and windshield
never see trial, say fck tryin to stretch me
mack 10 a fuckin dead man ıf they catch me
stompin through red lights, no headlights on my vehicle
5150 ıs my penal code
ı empty the clips when ı carryem, aimin to buryem
nigga fresh out the sanitarium
lapd tryin to blow off my beanie
want the whole world to see me
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