Missy Elliott - Im Moving On Şarkı Sözü

see, ı had to make a record that
give thanks to my lord savior ın jesus christ
a lot of people are quick to criticize me
for the kind of music ı sing but
see they dont change the belief
hat ı have an god, yaknowhatımsayin?
cause when my friends forsake me
whos there to listen to me without complaining?
nobody but him, uhhh

please dont judge me
cause ım not perfect (ım not perfect)
and please dont judge me ıf ım not ın church on sunday

ım movin (ım movin on)
and ım pressin (ım pressin on)
to the other way (to the other way)
ohhhh (to, higher, ground)
ım pressin (ım movin on)
ım movin (ım pressin on, yea)
tooooo (to the other way)
(to, higher, ground)
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