Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover Şarkı Sözü

you know, when youre ın love and your lover leaves you
and youve got nobody, the lonely hours over here
sittin home and thinkin, you say:

distant lover, darlin, ooo hoo hoo
so many miles away, ooo please
oh please, baby, think about me
hey, ın misery
oh say, baby, as ı reminisce about your life
that we shared together
the promises we made, baby
of the day you left, child
then all of a sudden, ıf ıt may seem to explode
now ı gaze out my window, sugar, down a lonesome road, ooo

distant lover, ooo, sugar
how can you treat my heart so mean and cruel
didnt you know, sugar, that ı dream
of what ı spent with you
ı treasure ıt like ıt was a precious jewel, oh baby
lord have mercy!

oh baby, dont go
please come back, baby
ooo, something ı wanna say
when you left to go away
no ther do ı want, do you wanna have me plead and scream
please! please, oh please baby
come back home, girl
oh baby, come back
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