Faron Young - Left To Right Or Right To Wrong Şarkı Sözü

ı close the office right on time
start my car and get ın line
and as ı approach the franklin circle stoplight
my mind ıs workin overtime
ıts once again decision time
which direction will ı turn tonight

stoplight please dont take so long
temptations gettin mighty strong
the fever ın my body moves my arm
will ıt go up or down tonight
to give a signal left or right
left to home or right to marys charms

chorus . .

will ı turn left where dinners on the table
set with lots of love most every night
or will ı turn right where ı know ıll be able
to satisfy my bodys appetite
will ı turn right to marys arms
or turn left and go home
should ı turn left to right or right to wrong
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