Ac&Dc - Gimme A Bullet Şarkı Sözü

she had the word
had the way
the way of letting me know [the way of letting you know]
she knew the game
called the play
oh she hit me low
she said, now you go your way
ıll go mine
and thats a start
doctor, doctor
aint no cure
for the pain ın my heart

gimme a bullet to bite on
something to chew
gimme a bullet to bite on
and ıll make believe
ıll make believe ıts you

dont need no drink
dont need no drug
dont need no sympathy
sooner or later
send me a bill
for what shes doing to me
long distance lips
on the telephone
come tomorrow
come to grips
with me all alone [with being all alone]


bullet to bite on
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