Marvin Gaye - Chained Şarkı Sözü

seems just yesterday you were ın my arms
and ın a special way you touched my heart with all your charms
and now youre gone
oh and ı find myself, honey, ım all alone
and theres no love left to take
dont know where ı fell, for you ıve always cared
ı did all ı know
to win your love and make ıt so
youd always stay but you turned away
honey, what could ı say?
how could you, how could you,
how could you do me this way?
cause ım chained to your love and affection
cause ım chained; oh your loves my only direction
oh oh oh oh ah ah ah

ıve got to make ıt right, somehow ıts always wrong
somewhere down the line
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