Ac&Dc - Overdose Şarkı Sözü

ı never smoked with no cigarettes
ı never drank much booze
but ım only a man, dont you understand
and a man can sometimes lose
you gave me something ı never had
pulled me down with you
pulled me up, think ım ın love
hope you can pull me through

ı overdosed on you
ı overdosed on you
crazy but ıts true
aint nothing ı can do
ı overdosed on you

oh woman you give to me
more than ı can take
but listen honey, ı dont mind
youre a habit ı dont want to break
dont want none of that hard stuff
dont need ıt anymore
ım ın love, and ım sinking fast
and ı dont need no cure


gee ı was happy as a man could be
to far gone to escape
power of love, dont pull me off
just write on my grave:

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