Ac&Dc - Guns For Hire Şarkı Sözü

guns for hire
the word ıs out
that ım about
and ıve come gunning for you
ım a real entertainer
a mischief maker
a lover of no fixed abode
quick draw on the floor
no law give you more
sweet talking lover of sin
you want to get
you get what you want
look out woman -

ı got guns for hire
shoot you with desire
the guns for hire
shoot you with desire

ım a wanted poster
a needed man
running wild across the land
ım a smooth operator
a big dictator
gonna mark you with my brand


(quick draw on the floor, big shot)

hot to trot, big shot
take a lot
never get the drop on me
ım a real entertainer
mischief maker
lover ın seven languages


what you get, big shot
you cant get the drop on me, girl
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