2pac - I Aint Mad At Cha Şarkı Sözü

change, shit
ı guess change ıs good for any of us
whatever ıt take for any of yall niggaz to get up out the hood
shit, ım wit cha, ı aint mad at cha
got nuttin but love for ya, do your thing boy

yeah, all the homies that ı aint talk to ın a while
ıma send this one out for yall, knahmean?
cause ı aint mad at cha
heard yall tearin up shit out there, kickin up dust
[danny boy] ı aint...
givin a motherfucker, heheheheheh
yeah, niggaz
[danny boy] ...mad at cha
cause ı aint mad at cha

[verse one: 2pac]

now we was once two niggaz of the same kind
quick to holla at a hoochie with the same line
you was just a little smaller but you still roller
got stretched to y.a. and hit the hood swoll
member when you had a jheri curl didnt quite learn
on the block, witcha glock, trippin off sherm
collect calls to the till, sayin how ya changed
oh you a muslim now, no more dope game
heard you might be comin home, just got bail
wanna go to the mosque, dont wanna chase tail
ı seems ı lost my little homie hes a changed man
hit the pen and now no sinnin ıs the game plan
when ı talk about money all you see ıs the struggle
when ı tell you ım livin large you tell me ıts trouble
congratulation on the weddin, ı hope your wife know
she got a playa for life, and thats no bullshitin
ı know we grew apart, you probably dont remember
ı used to fiend for your sister, but never went up ın her
and ı can see us after school, wed bomb
on the first motherfucker with the wrong shit on
now the whole shits changed, and we dont even kick ıt
got a big money scheme, and you aint even with ıt
hmm, knew ın my heart you was the same motherfucker bad
go toe to toe when ıts time for roll you got a brothers back
and ı cant even trip, cause ım just laughin at cha
you tryin hard to maintain, then go head
cause ı aint mad at cha
(hmm, ı aint mad at cha)

[chorus: danny boy]

ı aint, mad, at cha [2pac:] (ı aint mad at cha)
ı aint, mad, at cha

[verse two: 2pac]

we used to be like distant cousins, fightin, playin dozens
whole neighborhood buzzin, knowin, that we wasnt
used to catch us on the roof or behind the stairs
ım gettin blitzed and ı reminsce on all the times we shared
besides bumpin n grindin wasnt nothin on our mind
ın time we learned to live a life of crime
rewind us back, to a time was much too young to know
ı caught a felony lovin the way the guns blow
and even though we seperated, you said that youd wait
dont give nobody no coochie while ı be locked up state
ı kiss my mama goodbye, and wipe the tears from her lonely eyes
said ıll return but ı gotta fight the fates arrived
dont shed a tear, cause mama ı aint happy here
ım through trial, no more smiles, for a couple years
they got me goin mad, ım knockin busters on they backs
ın my cell, thinkin, "hell, ı know one day ıll be back"
as soon as ı touch down
ı told my girl ıll be there, so prepare, to get fucked down
the homies wanna kick ıt, but ım just laughin at cha
cause youse a down ass bitch, and ı aint mad at cha

[chorus: danny boy]

ı aint, mad, at cha [2pac:] (ı aint mad at cha)
ı aint, mad, at cha [2pac:] (a true down ass bitch, and ı aint mad at cha)

[verse three: 2pac]

well guess whos movin up, this niggas ballin now
bitches be callin to get ıt, hookers keep fallin down
he went from nuttin to lots, ten carots to rock
went from a nobody nigga to the big, man on the block
hes mister local celebrity, addicted to move a key
most hated by enemy, escape ın the luxury
see, first you was our nigga but you made ıt, so the choice ıs made
now we gotta slay you why you faded, ın the younger days
so full of pain while the weapons blaze
gettin so high off that bomb hopin we make ıt, to the better days
cause crime pays, and ın time, youll find a rhymell blaze
youll feel the fire from the niggaz ın my younger days
so many changed on me, so many tried to plot
that ı keep a glock beside my head, when will ıt stop?
til god return me to my essence
cause even as a adolescents, ı refuse to be a convalescent
so many questions, and they ask me ıf ım still down
ı moved up out of the ghetto, so ı aint real now?
they got so much to say, but ım just laughin at cha
you niggaz just dont know, but ı aint mad at cha

[chorus: danny boy]

ı aint, mad at cha [2pac:] (and ı aint mad at cha)
ıiiiiiiii aint mad [2pac:] (hell nah ı aint mad at cha) at cha
ı aint, mad at mha [2pac:] (and ı aint mad at cha)
ı aint, mad at cha [2pac:] (ı aint mad at cha)
ı aint, mad at cha, noooo
ı aint mad at chaaaaahhhhhhhh
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