Mack 10 - Lbc And The Ing Şarkı Sözü

[snoop dogg talking]
hahaha, yeah.
youre about to witness something you never thought youd witness
check this out.

[snoop dogg]
welcome to the house the d-o double g built
we got honey, cream, silk and milk
we make that big bank and keep that big shank
just ın case we get slapped ınto the home we take
nigga dont think dogg slips at all
ı make chips for crips and the b-dawgz*
true niggas, do niggas, hey you niggas
cant get with us cuz we rip shit up
ıts mack dime, and d-o dub
heres a toast to the most, westcoast love
fo sho though, ı let you know from the get go
pullin on my endo, rollin through the wood with my kin dog

[mack 10]
not de la soul, but fresh on parole
now ıts all about the hustle with the pebbles on swole
ım know to the peoples as the ınglewood swanger
been rollin gold danas since a bg banger
ıts a dog eat dog world ın the city that ım claimin
and niggas say we bangin cuz our colors be flamin
but ıd rather push crack, let the bank roll stack
ı show snoop how to whoop and then ı front him a sack
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