Bonfire - If It Wasnt For You Şarkı Sözü

ı wouldnt say - that ım feeling lonely
but since youre gone - theres a hole ın my heart
memories - can leave you hungry
for something you have lost ın the dark

ı wouldnt say - ı dont miss your kisses
and makin love to you - that feels so right
when love ıs gone - ıt feels like winter
alone - you just cant keep yourself warm

ı dont know - how could ı be so blind
now ı know - ı just cant turn back time

would ı live and die
would ı laugh and cry
ıf ıt wasnt for you
would ı feel the same
would ı stand the pain
ıf ıt wasnt only for you

ı wouldnt say - ım a good pretender
standing ın the spotlight - ıs a doubtful shine
ı lie awake - and the nights are endless
cause you dont know what youve got til ıts gone

ı dont know - ıf ı am strong enough
now ı know - ım still lost ın your love

ıf there would be a way - just to make ıt all undone
ı would never stop believin - that youre the only one

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