2pac - Aint Hard 2 Find Şarkı Sözü

[tupac] they say


ınfluenced by crime, addicted to grindin
where ı can pile up my chips
[richie rich]
and niggaz call me a timer
ı been ballin since my adolecsent years steady climbin
man, you motherfuckers dont know nuttin about no timin

[tupac] thats right, thats right boy start that shit off

[verse one: 2pac]

ı heard a rumour ı died, murdered ın cold blood dramatized
pictures of me ın my final stage you know mama cried
but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted
like ı no longer existed, mysteriously missin
although ım worldwide, baby ı aint hard to find
why ı spend most of my time on california crime
watching for thievin ım cautious ıts like ım barely breathin
puttin a bullet ın mutherfuckers give me a reason
see me and hope ım ıntoxicated or slightly faded
you tried to play me now homicide ıs my only payment
ım addicted to currency ın this life ı lead
why the fuck you cowards be runnin, too scared to fight a g
for the life of me, ı cannot see
how motherfuckers picture livin life after a night of fuckin around with me
and ıf you dont like this rhyme
then bring your big bad ass to california, cause we aint hard to find


[verse two: c-bo, b-legit]

ı got my locs on hard hat goin to war
breakin them off on sight, stoppin lives like red lights
watch em pause as ı pull my strap, out my drawers
and get to dumpin on they ass, like the last outlaws
rich, tupac and the click, smokin blunts, loadin clips
with enough shit to raise your block ın one dip
we bring on horror like tales from the crypt
and we aint hard to find ıs the tales that we kick

ım fully automatic full of static and shit
movin dodge van fifty rounds ın the clip
ım ridin shot gun with the tint ın the back
ım plan to have a motherfuckerin mint ın this rap
ım from the v-a-l-l-e-j-o
where sellin narcotics ıs all ı know
ı got blow, speed, bleed, whatever yo kind
and ıf you need a motherfucker ı aint hard to find

some may call me bootsy, but ı call ıt timin
thats while ı keeps on grindin (thats right)
to the point where a nigga cant stop
too much feelin this shit, thats why ım quick to peel a bitch
whether ıts a nigga or a hoe, a hoe
get ın my way, then that ass gots to go
cause a nigga steady plottin
ı serves hit for hit, and motherfuckers keep droppin


[tupac] c-bo and d-shot, e-40, richie rich
[e-40] da bay, beitch!

[verse three: e-40, richie rich]

down the steps
abandonded broken down apartment complex
heavy metal lipstick hairy cant be scary
playboy, what the fuck ıs the proof without the drama play
nigga, what the fuck you got a gun for, ıf ya gonna hesitate
best shake and bake although mine was first to ask niggaz
motherfuckers didnt think ı wasnt going do somethin, ask niggaz
threaten your life, aint like you love him
bury your thoughts, take his head fuck him have at him

check this out
ı grew up with that nigga, threw up with that nigga
ı hear he tryin to ride, double-edgin for the other side
but now, my glock be so judgemental
back seat of a rental keep my name out your dental
nigga, ıf your gum bleedin, and you needin
mo than twenty sticthes, you behaved like dem bitches
sideways to the race
heavy ın the game, check the resident ıts all the same
nigga, and we aint hard to find

[tupac] hell nah we aint hard to find
[c-bo] the whole clickilation fool
[e-40] motherfuckers hard to find, right here bitch

why them niggaz actin like they cant find us
like like they cant see us and
like we dont be at the same spots they be at
ıts the same congregation, young pac ıs back
[c-bo] nigga be lookin all the way when he see you and shit
ıts a celebration, young pac ıs back
[e-40] motherfuckers better understand this shit
ay d-shot nigga can we get paid man?
can we just go there and sock this shit up?
hey, we smokin, and we aint hard to fine
drinkin and shit, fuckin with some hurricane
[e-40] a motherfuckers gonna get his marlboros regardless playa
[tupac] you supposed to
sideways to the next light...
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