Bonfire - Cold Days Şarkı Sözü

ı knew you so well or thats what ı thought
believed ıt would last forever
somehow ı know for sure
were going our seperate ways

yesterdays gone - ım out on the run
ım tryin to hide my feelings
theres no way to stick ıt out
our love ıs on the line

gonna take love or leave love today
but ı know that ı cant make you stay

cold days - hard times
ın my heart the rain ıs pourincold days - long nights
lost without you

the damage ıs done - we cant carry on
cause something has stolen our passion
ım wounded ın my heart
but you dont sense my pain

ı cant break the ıce - you loaded the dice
ı always end up loosinall the good times we shared
are now history

drown ın dreams and ın heartaches again
lovin you ıs the name of my pain

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