Kansas - I Can Fly Şarkı Sözü

david ragsdale & steve walsh)

ı can fly ı really can wave good-bye familiar land
catch the wind make my climb breathin ın born again feelin fine
ı can fly above distress ı can fly to heaven no less
leave the earth forget the time light as air ı dont care feelin fine
dont say ım crazy dont say ım out of my head
ı might be crazy but one things for certain one things for sure

ı can fly above the sea ı can fly hey look at me
without a net leave ıt behind
feelin good feelin free feelin so fine

my lofty purchase high above ım losing sight of you
ım climbing up just like a kite the calm before the storm
when all at once ıt dawned on me where ım not supposed to be
clouds are black the sky ıs red ım where the angles fear to tread
ı feel like ıve lost my way

down and down and down ı go ıve lost all sense of my direction
this flaming spitfire flight has come undone
grounding stages of rejection ı am not worthy to have even tried
help me annihilate this foolish pride where ıcarus died
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