Stevie Wonder - Hey Love Şarkı Sözü

hey love
may ı have a word with you?
ıd like to tell you, yeah
just what ıve been going through
my nights are so long
as ı watch each hour go by
hoping and praying
that someday ı will be your guy

hey love
youre my one true soul desire
hey love, baby
can you feel this burning fire

hey love
theres one thing ı find so true
when you are near me
ı go through a change or two
hearing your footsteps
ı hurry to catch your eye
and ı stand there waiting, yeah
but girl, you just walk on by

say love
with a cold heart you are dealing
hey love, yeah
ıts an awful hurting feeling

hey love
dont pass me without some sign
just look me over, yeah
you might want to change your mind
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