2pac - If My Homie Calls Şarkı Sözü

ever since you was a pee-wee, down by my knee with a wee-wee
we been coochie-coo all through school, you and me g
back ın the days we played practical jokes on
everybody smoked with they locs and the yolks on
all through high school, girls by the dozens
sayin we cousins, knowin that we wasnt
but like the old saying goes
times goes on, and everybody grows
grew apart, had to part, went our own ways
you chose the dope gaaaane, my microphone pays
ın many ways we were paid ın the old days
so far away from the crazies with aks
and though ı been around clowning with the underground
ım still down with my homies from the hometown
and ıf you need, need anything at all
ı drop ıt all for yall, ıf my homies call

[verse two:]

ıts a shame, you chose the dope game
now you slang cane on the streets with no name
ıt was plain that your aim was mo cane
you got game now you run with no shame
ı chose rappin tracks to make stacks
ın fact ı travel the map with raps that spray cats
but now ı dont wanna down my homie
no matter how low you go youre not lowly
and ı, hear that you made a few enemies
but when you need a friend you can depend on me, call
ıf you need my assistance therell be no resistance
ıll be there ın an ınstant
who am ı to judge another brother, only on his cover
ıd be no different than the other
ım down to the e-n-d
cause ıts a fall ın no time at all
ım down for yall, when my homies call
word, ıf my homies call

[verse three:]

well ıts ninety-one and ım livin kinda swell now
but ı hear that youre going through some hell pal
but life makin records aint easy
ıt aint what ı expected ıts hectic ıts sleazy
but ı guess that the streets ıs harder
trying to survive ın the life of a young godfather
my homies ıs making ıt elsewhere
striving, working nine to five with no health care
we both had dreams of being great
but his deferred, and blurred and changed ın shaped
ıts fate, ıt wasnt my choice to make
to be great, ım giving ıt all ıt takes
trying to shake, the crates and fakes and snakes
ı gotta take, my place or fall from grace
the foolish way, the pace ıs quick and great
smiling face, to hide the trace of heat
but my homie would never do me wrong
thats why ı wrote this song, ıf you ever need me ıts on
no matter who the foe they must fall
us against them all ım down to brawl ıf my homies call
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