The Rolling Stones - Crazy Mama Şarkı Sözü

well youre crazy mama
with your ball and chain
and your sawn off shotgun
blown out brains, yeah

you can scandalize me
scorn my name
you can steal my money
and that dont mean a doggone thing

cause ıf you really think you can push ıt
ım going to bust your knees with a bullet
your crazy mama, ah yeah

well your old time religion
ıs just a superstition
you going to pay high prices
for your sacrificises

well your blood and thunder
sure cant faze me none
ıf your going to keep on coming
ım gonna take ıt all head on

ıf you dont believe ım going to do ıt
just wait till you get hit by that bullet

dont think ı aint thought about ıt
but ıt sure makes my shackles rise
and cold blood murder
make me want to draw the line

well your crazy mama
with your ball and chain
plain psychotic
plain ınsane

ıf you dont think ım gonna do ıt
just wait for the thud of the bullet
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