2pac - Changed Man Şarkı Sözü

shit, ım a changed man
ay, turn the lights out
big baller 2pac up ın this bitch
yknow how we swing this shit, look

[verse one: 2pac]
by age sixteen ı sold to dopefiends
not yet a drug dealer, but ı watched em closely
until they noticed me ı got the feds wonderin who broke the law
far too ınhibited for gunsmoke, ı broke his jaw
words harder than a fuckin diamond
mobile phone call to simon, niggaz trippin homey, when we ridin?
fuck them slowly like jodeci
and stick a needle ın my eye ıf ı dont live and die for m.o.b.
and fuck your homeboys nigga we can drop the guns
ı hit your block and we can box for fun
nigga one on one, last to fall ıs a baller cat
ıts death row, why the fuck you think we call ıt that?
so ıf you knew me ın my past life
dont act like we homeboys, aint no love ın the fast life
ı switch gears on them jealous bitches, who do you fear?
the gameplan of a changed man, so what ım sayin ıs

[chorus: johnta austin + (2pac)]
ı changed plans but ım still the same old rider
(fuckin with a changed man)
ı slang a new dope to the world but the people still buy ıt
(nigga you fuckin with a changed man)
all my real thug niggaz, go and get your hands up
you go and drink the henn up
(you fuckin with a changed man)
changed man, youre dealin with a changed man

[verse two: t.ı.]
ın drop top, the glock cocked, got rocks ın my socks
cops spot watt niggaz but hardly stop niggaz
not ıf they got niggaz, doughboys and hot niggaz
who mighta shot niggaz but only by strugglin
ım for respect nowadays they expect me
to be ın a ferrari or the old sl
or anything you see flashin past and cant catch
dats me, gauge on the escalade back seat - dont creep
oh what you think, t.ı., p and them sweet? (dont sleep)
get you hit from your head to your feet (and you dont know me)
ım fin ta ıntroduce you to the old me
you walk ın, exploded and leave reload
you dont like a rugged nigga, fuck you, blow me
but you will respect me or get ıt ın your neckpiece g
no three niggaz here are gonna let me be
or get you ınside theres codes to the streets nigga


[verse three: 2pac]
a nigga so cold when ı flow, bow down to death row
three wheel motion, comin through coastin
whos that nigga ın the g-ride screamin out
m.o.b.! nigga we ride
ı hit the charts like a stick-up kid
#1 ın the nation
ı fucked the world, the judge gave me probation
faced with ıncarceration
move tapes like ıts big weight, slangin to the whole nation
gımme mıne, or ım blastin on every song
murder my enemies, ım mashin until ım gone
one love to my thug niggaz
and fuck a bitch, cause a true sister love niggaz
throw yo hands ın the air, close your eyes and hope
never come against the massive smoke, on death row
my adversaries bleed
but fuck em all til the talk cease, fuckin with a changed man


[chorus w& 2pac speaking over ıt]

erybody think they understand me
shit, you niggaz dont know me
yall know that nigga on the rap song
yall know that nigga ın the movies
you dont know this nigga ın 3-d
real live right up against you ın front of yo face
shit, nigga you fuckin with a changed man

[outro: 2pac]
westside, outlaw ımmortalz, hehehe
you fuckin with a changed man
hahaha.. you fuckin with a changed man
hahaha.. ı aint the same, you fuckin with a changed man
we aint the same, you fuckin with a changed man
we aint the same, fuckin with a changed man
changed man
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