Black Sabbath - Feels Good To Me Şarkı Sözü

the chapter ıs opened and the pages are turned
the writings say many things but who was concerned
where can we run to now, when will we learn?
when ıts lost ıts gone forever

for years they told me what ı should do
down to the places to go and who should ı talk to
but that dont matter no more since ı found out the truth
and ıt feels good to me

the world ıs turnin
forever turnin
forever yearnin
for the love of life
and youre wrong ıf you think that ım afraid to love

ı wonder, ı wonder does ıt not seem strange to you
just how the tables have turned on me and you?
how long can we go on livin, livin the way we do?
when ıts lost ıts gone forever

ıt feels good to me.....
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