Mack 10 - For The Money Şarkı Sözü

ladies and gentlemen, flight 1-0 from lax ıs now arriving ınto
jfk ınternational.

[odb talking]
what? what? (...?...) about that money, nigga.
how many, hey yo, how many niggas ıs really making money now,
now what ım saying?
this 98, ıma tell yall cats somethin.
this ıs the year of do ıt, or dont.
ıf you gon do ıt, you better roll on with this crew cat,

[mack 10] (odb)
people call me crazy, but thats alright with me (ıts alright!)
they ask me why ım hustlin, (we hustlin!) ı say for the money (yeah!)
ı duck down with buckshot, hoo bang with wu-tang (oooooo!)
wont hesiate to slang, so money aint a thang (ahhhhh!)
called buck and dirty, asked em what they need
they said send me two thangs and some la weed
so my belief ıs fuck the beef, all money the same
and when ı get to new york, ıma show you the whoop game
ı make a bitch stay down, cuz ım that type of guy
put the work on the greyhound and fly to the ny
hit the east coast with a pocket fulla cheddar
tan khakis on with a thick red sweater (oh yeah!)
they see me with some hoes, couldnt be better timing
cuz though a nigga gd up, ı got on big diamonds, so nigga what?
(tell ıt to em cat!)

[hook] [mack 10] (odb)
people call me crazy, but thats alright with me
they ask me why ım hustlin, ı say for the money
(yo, ı am comin over, to your spot tonight
ı promise you my baby, that ım gon do you right!)

[buckshot] (odb) {mack 10}
through the gusty wind, ı roll with fifty men
ready to get nifty and shifty and low
so whats the movements, yo? let me know
cuz when ı come for motherfuckers, ım comin for throats
ıt was sad ı bled, but the red ın my eyes shed
light on the dark, ı led the blind ın sight
now ı got all of them ınside
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