Ac&Dc - Dog Eat Dog Şarkı Sözü

well ıts a dog eat dog
eat cat too
the french eat frog
and ı eat you
businessman, when you make a deal
do you know who you can trust?
do you sign your life away?
do you write your name ın dust?

hey, hey, hey
every dog has his day
ıts a dog eat dog
dog eat dog

dog eat dog
read the news
someone win
someone lose
ups above and downs below
and limbos ınbetween
up you win, down you lose
ıts anybodys game


and ıts a eye for eye
tooth for tooth
ıts a lie
thats the truth
see a blind man on the street
looking for something free
hear the kind man ask his friends
hey, whats ın ıt for me?

Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir