Mack 10 - Bang Or Ball Şarkı Sözü

w s hell ya
life of a street nigga
we got the comrads
either make ıt or take ıt


bang or ball bang or ball
we dont know shit else
just bang or ball
bang or ball bang or ball
westside niggas an we doin ıt all

connect gang memebers
or should ı say bloods an crips
blowin weed ????
cus we aint trippin off chips
everybody on they feet
now we the most hated bye the haters
studio parkin lot fulla
benzos an navigators
man the streets are freezin
keep that heat near you
rollin classic chevroletes
with bandannas on the rearview
now when ıt come to grindin
man ım as good as they come
ı got the peruvian bombay
that leave your body numb
now when ı bang ı slang
an my hooks was still wikkid
but somehow ı kept comin up
just shy of a ticket
now ım doin the most
as a matter of fact ım doin ıt all
cus connect gang bangin mean uhh
macks gonna ball
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