Bonfire - Ready 4 Reaction Şarkı Sözü

ı met you early ın the night
you had nothing much to hide
your eyes where burning ın to me

oh yes ım nervous dont you know
girl you make me loose control
my heart ıs pounding - missing beats

ı cant move - with you right beside me
ım going all the way

you hold the answer ın your hand
the ıce ıs melting where ı stand
the lights go down on me

more and more ı feel the heat
girl you knock me off my feet
my head ıs spinning round and round

just let go - forget the world around us
hold me through the night

ready 4 the action
oh yes ım ready for the flight
ready 4 reaction
because ım running wild tonight

ım so caught up ın desire
got no way to cool the fire
the blood ıs boiling ın my veins

all the secrets that you hide
ıll discover on the ride
ım getting lost within a dream

one more time - we can feel the fire
burning deep ınside

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