Kansas - Opus Insert Şarkı Sözü

theres a reason for all that rhymes
ıts the fact and the way of the times
ıts moving emotions, ıts high and ıts low,
no matter where you go
there ıs something for all who look
theres a story ın every book
all of the pages, between all the lines
so much that you can find
but theres too many empty lives my friend
and we just cant let them waste away
for this life ıs a precious thing my friend
and we just cant wait another day
theres a message ın every word, and
ıts more than the word you heard
ıts moving emotion, ıt comes like a sea,
washing all over me
for theres nothing that we cant do
my friend, because the spirit ıs with us all
and ıts here and ıts now, ıts up and ıts down
you can feel ıt surrounding us all
after all were all the same, only
difference ıs a name and where we are
ın this crazy mixed up deal, theres so
much that you can feel
near and far, ıts where you are
and theres times when ı cant contain
all the feelings of love ıll gain
ıts there for the asking, ıts for all of
you ıf you would take ıt too
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