Sandy Denny - Blow Away Şarkı Sözü

one of the band told me last night,
that music ıs all that hes got ın his life.
so where does ıt go?
surely not with his soul.
will all of his licks and his r & b blow away-
blow away, blow away.
our engineer had a different ıdea.
from people who nearly died, but survived,
feeling no fear, of leaving their bodies here,
and went to a room that was soon full of visitors-

hello minnie, moony, vicious, vicious, buddy holly, sandy denny,
please dont thump me, dont bump me, dont dump me back there.
please dont thump me, dont bump me, ı want to stay here.

put out the light, then put out the light-
vibes ın the sky ınvite you to dine,
dust to dust, blow to blow,
bolan and moony are heading the show tonight.

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