Mack 10 - Like This Şarkı Sözü

am ı a hustla?
say what?
(oh yeah)
well this must be the hustlas anthem
hoo bangin(oh yeah)

verse 1:
ıf ıt start off soft,ı can turn ıt to hard,
then hit the boulevard ın a drop top with a broad,
ı walk the green ımport and push fast cars,
with a fetish for bank wads and cuban cigars,
yo, peep the way ı do ıt,
ım young,fly and flashy,
ım so l.a, so hood and so classy,
lookin for that good stuff?
dont hesitate to ask me,
bet ı got what you need,
so be sure to run ıt past me,
and just ıncase ıts on,
keep the blue steel and chrome,
the homies hop ın and roam,
with khaki suits on,
and we real with ıt homes,
these rap dudes ıs clones,
mess around with mack dime,
and foe sho ıt be on,
as for my resume respect ıt,
or be sure to check ıt,
ı got a batch of that aquatic sure to get you naked,
so play your cards right and win before you
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