Mack 10 - Work Şarkı Sözü

nigga wanna hustle
nigga wanna sell dope where we grow up nigga
ride with me and learn something nigga
ıf not - stay away my playground nigga
yeah! - this shit right here ıs for real hustle niggas
real street niggas - yall follow me
squared niggas - kick back and listen how ıs shit really go

[verse one]
cabbage work hoes goes spoke and pistols
last ın getting away hearin whistles
scopin down map gestural back full of chips
a hot ass scraps ski mask and two ın the clips
scoop on em motophone let em know ıts on
ı pack use em draws homeboy - nigga we goners
beep on em mexican though - we wont work
no baking soda slides twenty on em for the dirt
got em - strap on em my shell with ducktapes
see nervous - while the greyhouse escpae across ınterstate
jumpin up ın the friendly scotia down chicken weight
for the work show up - and really do - be straight
they pull up bread all the lookin flawless us a show dog
twenty bird and rally car like she a mother law
damn! - shell need no duck the law
bitch got us switch walkin with the work like motherfuck the law

thats the shit nigga ball fohow they dope that they wall fojumpin on em hoes
they floss the hoes
we carry choppers stole us on homies with calicos
with the funk kick - wishin yall holy copy with those
banged out, thanged out - everybody hangin out
whole crews anybody sayin we bust used
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