Flatt And Scruggs - Bout Şarkı Sözü

the fog ıs rollin down the river dark clouds hangin mighty low
well ıts a long long way from ol st louis to the gulf of mexico
well ı make my home on the mississippi ım roust-a-bout on the seabord line
we hit the deck on a monday morning but we make the ducks on a saturday night
[ dobro ]
well ı had me a girl way down ın vickburg ı used to stop everytime ı passed
till she made off with a riverboat gambler with a new ---
well ı make my home...

[ harmonica ]
now when ı die ıve got one favor dont lay me down ın the cold cold ground
just take me out to the middle of the river and roll me over and point me south
well ı make my home...
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