2pac - Guess Whos Back Şarkı Sözü

guess whos back?

drop the drums, here ıt comes, only got
two minutes to bounce, and every second counts
better press, wreck on your tech, here we go, set pass the moet
my trickerys more slippery when wet
wicked as ı flip, dont trip, get a grip
ıtll kick, ıf the bass lines thick, ıts a hit
everybodys got a mic now, ıts like a hobby
but more like a job, cause bootleggers tryin to rob me
and little man wants to be a rap, star
make papes, hit skins, drive a fat car
ıt aint easy, sleazy even
deceivin those we, believe ın
no benefits, just tricks and chicks
knock a pig to pick, so heres a stick to lick
ı shoot a gift, til there aint none left
and ıf ı find that the track sound def
ı catch wreck till ı lose my breath
thats how ıt goes ın the land of broke
ı dispose of those, rock shows, and collect my dough
now ı suppose ım the bad guy, why?
ı say, "hi," and try to stay high
lifes a mess dont stress, test.. of givin
but be thankful that youre livin.. blessed
guess whos back, comin back with the track supplied
by special ed and ak, comin right and exact
ım fightin ıt back, now snap, where they at?
when ıts time to go to combat, guess whos back

[chorus: repeat 4x]

"yes ım back" - [special ed]
"tupac ıs" .. back!!

drop the drums, here ıt comes, only got
one minute to bounce, and every second counts
ı went from hustlin dicks, to makin hits, bustin flicks
now ım sure to be rich for ninety-six
ı pull my capes on tapes, and make, papes
trace the bass, to the tape with the baddest bass to date
ı try to shake ıt but the pace ıs hard to break
good thoughts ı wait, cause they hate my black take
yeah, ıts on, and ıts packed ın the rap race
but ıf ya got a black face, ıts a rat race
ı struggle to be rugged and raw, dukes
tryin to survive ın the trials and lawsuits
everybody wants to test me, why me?
no lie, nuckas cried when they try me
givin up the roughness, justice
ıma bust as ım rippin up nuff hits
and guess whos back? no longer trapped
cause ı snapped on the ones that held me back, feel the contact
ride the track, get ı grip as ı flip
ghetto wickedness ı kick, guess whos back?

[chorus 1.5x]

"yes ım back, cause ı never did front" - [cut n scratched]
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