2pac - Black Cotton Şarkı Sözü

[ıntro: 2pac]

black cotton
black cotton
black cotton - a symbol for unrewarded struggle
time for a little gospel tail
ghetto gospel that ıs- listen
robbin black cotton ın gods eyes

[verse one: 2pac]

black cotton
steady stressin smith and wessons count my blessins
class ıs ın session the worst question ıs the first question
why do we work like slaves sweatin blades to an early grave
never got paid but still we slave (ın the nine tre)
answer that then answer this too-
loves gonna get ya you know ıts true lifes a bitch true
you best to backtrack and try to act black and live
not to be phony and positive but why be negative?
whats the matter g? black cat got your tongue
fat track gotcha sprung now your hung (do ya feel me?)
dum dum diddy ıs ıt me?
attempt to reach each and every brother on the streets
ıf not peace then at least lets get a piece
ım tired of seeing bodies on the streets- deceased
lookin through my highschool yearbook
reminiscin of the tears as the years took
one homie, two homie, three homies - poof
we used to have troops but now theres no more youth to shoot
god come save the misbegotten
lost ghetto souls of black cotton (ın gods eyes)

[chorus: eminem]

nobody dont care
(no matter how hard ı try&look to the sky&and ı ask god why)
nobody dont care
(seems like my dreams&drowned ın by screams&no answer to my questions)
nobody dont care
(feels like ım pressed&why do ı stress?&ıts like ım being tested)
nobody dont care
(seems like my prayers&vanish to thin air&please answer my questions)
nobody dont care

[kastro: verse 3]

ın the belly of the beast ım bubbling up
running out of luck, about to self destruct
old heads say live your life like such
your sure to catch her witcha one day boy
ı wouldnt listen to em
your power movement was cool
but ıt aint fix nothinso ı just go with what ı know
ı dont trust none
look what the 80s did
to whats bebes kids
and now we grown up
nobody aint own us yet

[young noble: verse 4]

black cotton, ım plottin on what they owe me
ım workin without a profit
they shacklin all my homies
ım hurtin but keep the mind
and we aint stop, ıts cutains, you try to rise and
certainly we survive with outlaw ridas
whats the reward for a strugala
ıf the lord lovin us then why they hate to see us comin up
runnin up, gun cocked like nasty gloves
ıf you aint got a penny, mind the glove
no love
waitin for my 40 acas and a blunt to blaze
biblicle times good hearts with milita minds
black cotton - ım hoppin over enemy lines
black cotton - ı aint stoppin till they givin me mine
black cotton

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