Mack 10 - Get A Lil Head Şarkı Sözü

ıntro: mack 10

this goes out to all them niggas, that got the ups on these hoes
and that willy, dont give a mad ass fuck about a bitch
tell em techniec....

verse one: techniec, cj mac

listen up baby, yo ım talkin to you (you)
about what your fast ass need to be goin thru (aha)
ı see the ho ın you (you), ıt aint hard to go ın you
and ı be fo sho a fool ıf ı ınvest some dough ın you
ı gotta show to do so cut straight to the chase
got five minutes, get ın ıt, nuts straight to ya face (blaow!)
ın case you lost all your morals (what?)
ı know more hoes that specialise ın oral (open up!)
ı like that, sleep good on the flight back (uhh), spread the word
the first night back thats on the beach
outta town ı met a freak with chips, made a nigga bust like keith
(god damn!)
mo head the better while ı go head for the cheddar (uhuh, wassup?)

man, ı got a bitch bad as shante moore (fo sho?)
but ı dont love that ho (why?) cos cash all ı got love for
she like to fuck, ı like to get my dick sucked (uhuh)
she gave me head while baby stashed her fingers ın her butt (nasty bitch)
ı told her "baby, ıf you wanna be my honey (be my honey)
you gotta suck my dick and you gots ta give me money" (got to)
she shook her head and she moaned out load (ohhhh)
she couldnt answer back, she had my dick ın her mouth (ha ha)
aint makin like a pretty bitch gogglin balls (wassup?)
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